środa, 9 kwietnia 2014

Postcard with illustration by Anastasia Kustowa - royal bunny family dinner ;)

This very interesting postcard with illustration by Anastasia Kustowa came to me from Natasha from Russia. It looks like a illustration from some children's book, but there is no information about it on the back side of the card. Maybe you know something about this illustration?

Coffee and cookies postcard form Taja from Russia

I received this great postcard form Taja from Russia thanks to one of I offer tags on official postcrossing forum. It looks pretty delicious, don't you think? :)

Baby kangaroo from Joey from Australia

This cute baby kangaroo Joey came to me from Christy form Australia. I swapped this postcard for one of my postcards for special swap. It's not the first time, when I'm receiving postcard from Christi and they are always "to die for" :) I truly love this one :)

Postcards, which I have wanted to receive for a such a long time...

Below you can find cute bunny postcards from the Chinese postcard series which are very hard to get probably because of their cuteness :) This two came to me from Yi-Ju from Taiwan in direct swap. Yi-Ju put also some cool stamps on the postcards, as she red on my profile, that I like animals and sea shells :) It was really nice. She also drew some cute bunnies for me on the back side of the postcard (she likes to draw very much). You can see the postcard and the drawings below :)

My recent discovery - Makoto Muramatsu cat postcards

Just about two weeks ago I saw for the first time Makoto Muramatsu cat postcard in gallery on post crossing.com and marked it as my favorite :) Today I have received my first three postcards to my Makoto Muramatsu cats collection as a result of direct swap with Christy form Australia and offer tag from Valentina from Russia on official postcrossing forum. Postcards are big, amazing and I can't wait for more :)

piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Have you ever seen western jackalope?

I was thinking about gaining postcard with jackalope already for a log time. I received this one thanks to animals with horns tag on official postcrossing forum. Obviously it wasn't ,what I have expected, but it was great surprise :) This is a photo made by Don Moffet. Soon I’m going to show you another jackalope postcard, which will come to me from Amanda in direct swap. I know I’m repeating myself, but I must say that - I cant wait! :)